Canal Trip to Tixall Wide

If you’ve read my introductory post then you will know I am a keen narrow boater. We actually have a share of a narrow boat and after COVID-19 put the kibosh on everyone’s plans over the summer, we finally escaped for our rearranged holiday. We opted for a gentle cruise up to the stunning Tixall Wide to chill out with the cameras watching the wildlife.

Sun Setting Over Tixall Wide

September is a beautiful time of year to be out on “The Cut” with soft golden light and warm Autumn hues. A relatively quiet and stress free cruise (only one dog overboard!) meant I was able to capture some of the beautiful sights whilst Hubby steered, with occasional shouts from me of “slow down – I want to try and photograph that Swan”.

More photos from the trip are shown in my portfolio page and I’ll be adding more once I’ve reviewed and edited them.


Hello and welcome to my new blog. My name is Tracey Thomas and I am a keen amateur photographer, crafter, allotmenteer and narrow boater. I live in North Somerset with my Husband, who is also a keen photographer, and our two dogs that somehow give the impression to the wider world of being well behaved. Working as a Management Accountant for over 20 years, I took what was intended to be a short career break in early 2019. A broken ankle followed by a global pandemic have somewhat extended that break (no pun intended). One of the main impacts for me of the lockdown that came with COVID-19 was to rekindle and deepen my passion for photography. Like many people across the country, with “normal” day to life on hold, I’ve had more time to explore the local environment and wildlife in my garden, as well as in and around the town I call home.

I shared some of my photos on social media purely with the intention of trying to bring a little joy into friend’s lives during a difficult period. Encouraged by the reactions to my posts and disillusioned by the offerings of the various commercial websites, I was inspired to combine my crafting skills with my photography to begin creating a series of handmade cards using elements of photos taken in the garden and on walks with the dogs. More on these to follow.

Aside from this I plan to share photos of canals, coastal scenery, flowers and wildlife that bring joy to me and I hope will also bring joy to others.