Canal Trip to Tixall Wide

If you’ve read my introductory post then you will know I am a keen narrow boater. We actually have a share of a narrow boat and after COVID-19 put the kibosh on everyone’s plans over the summer, we finally escaped for our rearranged holiday. We opted for a gentle cruise up to the stunning Tixall Wide to chill out with the cameras watching the wildlife.

Sun Setting Over Tixall Wide

September is a beautiful time of year to be out on “The Cut” with soft golden light and warm Autumn hues. A relatively quiet and stress free cruise (only one dog overboard!) meant I was able to capture some of the beautiful sights whilst Hubby steered, with occasional shouts from me of “slow down – I want to try and photograph that Swan”.

More photos from the trip are shown in my portfolio page and I’ll be adding more once I’ve reviewed and edited them.

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