Living in the West Country and close to the coast, quite a lot of my photographs are taken in the evening as all the Costal Landmarks are pointing West! That and the fact that anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am most definitely not a morning person. However, for some reason both of us were awake at some very uncivilised hour and the sunrise was looking particularly good so we took a brief pre-breakfast photo trip to a local lake and nature reserve.

Sunrise gently disperses the mist on the lake

There is always a lot of bird life to be seen around the lake – particularly near to the car park (they aren’t stupid despite what people say about bird brains). There have been several broods of cygnets that I have watched grow from fluffy little bundles to the moulting juveniles that currently hiss menacingly at everyone who passes. They are getting quite feisty and territorial as autumn approaches and putting on some fierce displays.

Juvenile Swans Squabble over their Space