Autumn 2020

The weather in October 2020 was distinctly wet which does not make for good outdoor photography. However, I did manage to snatch the odd photo trip.

Ashton Court Estate on the outskirts of Bristol is home to 2 herd of deer. The vast majority of people seemed to be focused on the easily visible Red Deer and the Stags bellowing in the Rut. There is however a herd of beautiful Fallow Deer as well.

A trip to Slimbridge Wetlands Centre was a real treat. No sign of the native Eurasian Otters, but the Amercian Otters made up for it. I was amazed to see a Dragonfly out and about in October!

Birds, Squirrels & Fungi

As Autumn has arrived, there have been fewer insects around and my attention has shifted to some of the other nature around me.

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