Lockdown #2 – Day 2

Whilst it wasn’t a promising start to the morning, it has turned into another crisp Autumn day. I took a walk without my unable canine assistants in the hope of capturing some of the many birds that live in the woodlands near us. Turns out they are all feeling rather camera shy today – even the sparrows. However, the squirrels did not disappoint and I was lucky to be able to get quite close to a couple of them. I know grey squirrels are a contentious subject but we don’t have any native red squirrels around North Somerset.

It’s not just about the photography though. You don’t always get the shots you want or hoped for, particularly where wildlife is concerned. Whilst I was out I had the amazing sight of a squirrel pulling twigs and leaves off a tree and carrying them back to build it’s drey. I probably spent a good 5 minutes or more just watching this activity, but I only spotted it because I heard the rustling in the trees. To see and enjoy our diverse wealth of wildlife we need to keep all of our senses open and be in the moment. For me it’s a great way to switch off from day to day stresses, particularly in these strange times.

I’m working on trying to coax my garden robin into a good spot with some tasty meal worms. No luck yet but I’ll keep trying. He’s definitely around lurking in the bushes and I think he’s possibly taunting me. Patience is a virtue though, and in the meantime, Stay Safe, Stay Connected.

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